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Mold Opening Process for plastic box | Professional Pill Box Suppliers - Non-Toxic, Durable & Functional

Mold Opening Process for plastic box

Mold Opening Service of Plastic Pill Box

E-Link Plastic have ability to open mold for plastic pill box just for you. You could have your idea or require, cooperate with our experience in plastic inject. When the project finished, you can sell this item for 5 years or longer and we will not sell the item to anyone.
For notice, we only create mold for those will order massive quantity. Due to the project will take long time and human resources, we want to keep the product quality.

Mold Opening's Process for Plastic Box

Bring Us Your Idea or Samples

Customer can bring your idea or samples. We will discuss the possibility for creating the new model.

Discuss the Detail

Our engineer will build the structure and estimate the mold quantity. According to our plastic inject experiences, we can analysis the material's characteristic for different situation. Including pressure, temperature, malleability… etc. By experienced engineer, we can prevent some problem and reduce the cost of unsuccessful development. After all, our sales will discuss and quote to client.

3D Printing Samples and Open the Mold

If customer agree the price and details, we will start making a demo. Meanwhile, our R & D department will work with mold factory and do some fine-tune.

Produce and Adjust

When we start the production, our engineer will keep following the process. Furthermore, our sales will work with client about the packing and appearance detail. To make sure the final production is correct.

Inspection, Shipping, Exportation

After the production complete, customer can arrange their inspection or ours. E-Link has experienced sales to do the global trading and exportation. Customer can receive their order with good service by our sales.

Mold Opening Service of Plastic Pill Box | Global manufacturer of medicine organizers | E-link Plastic & Metal

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