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Promoional 7 sided Portable Pill box

Vitamin and Medication Case

7 sides portable pill box with multi color type option and Raibow color medicine and victamin planner for 7 days easy to reminder and its compact designed sized Pill box is perfect for traveling use.

7 days portable Pill box size has the buckle dsign fo the lid preventss the health box from being accidently opened when it is placing in a bag and collides with other item.

In addition to being conventient for storing medicine or health supplement (Vitamine/ fish oil) that need to be taken throughtout the day. The bill box have big compacity of 7 compartments in 7days can hold more medine and health supplement. Cute carton logo can be choose and stick on the pill box lid for more style option choice for user.

Promoional 7 sided Portable Pill box | Customizable Promotional Pill Cases for Effective Marketing

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